Jan 17 2014

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I gotcher first post right heeyah

This is an exciting time in the Space industry.  We are in the very beginnings of a new Space Race — the second great Space Race, and the most important one.

The first Space Race, of course, was the US/USSR race to the Moon in the 1960s.  This race was important only in the establishment of several “firsts”, but in the end was the equivalent of the Raleigh Colony — it proved we could get to the new world and establish a foothold there, but little else.  Like the Raleigh Colony, the efforts of the first Space Race have become a anomaly that will eventually become a footnote in history.

The Second Space Race is upon us, and is more like the NorthWest territory land rush.  Private companies are scrambling to make profit from Space, and are beginning to replace what were, during the First Space Race and the malaise between the two Space Races, government roles and leadership.  Whichever can find a market niche and profit from it wins.

We’ll be focusing on the players and developments of this real Space Race on this site.  ‘Cause they’re cool.

Jeezus…Even I’m bored by that wall of prose! Bottom line:

NASA — almost worthless, except for deep space exploration and offering prize money for technology challenges.

Boeing, Lockheed, General Dynamics, and all your ilk — Avast ye scurvy dogs! I look forward to your extinction like the dinosaurs you are, and the plundering of your market share by SpaceX, CubeSat, Bigelow Aerospace, and all the other New Space entities.

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