Jan 28 2014

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Does ISS provide unlimited opportunity?

Unlimited? No — but better than nothing at all.

Per the article, here are the benefits that the ISS provides us:

  • study the long-term effects of weightlessness on the human body (If that’s the case, then why hasn’t the ISS been used to break Valeri Polyakov’s record of 437 days in orbit onboard Mir?)
  • Testing new technologies that will be essential for missions to Mars.
  • Some gobbledygook about biomedical research that can only be conducted in zero grav but can get to market on Earth.

Is it worth $100 billion for a 4 year extension? I’d say “yes” only because nothing in New Space is mature enough to be deployed (I’m looking at you, Bigelow Aerospace.)

Though given our “reset” with Russian relations, one wonders if this is less about maintaining an old space station and more about throwing Roscosmos a bone.

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