Jan 28 2014

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The 2nd Space Race

We have begun the second Space Race.  Given the fizzle that the first Space Race (Soviet vs. USA) became, maybe we are finally in the real Space Race.  It is safe to now say that the Space Age has finally started — what occurred in the 60’s,70’s and 80’s was almost a waste of time.

This blog is dedicated to collecting, sharing and reporting on this Space Race.  New Space and Commercial Space is what we’re mostly interested in, though if something catches our eye, we’ll report on that too.  Basically, I’ll write on whatever the heck I want to.  So there.

Actually, calling the current bleeding-edge space industry *a* Space Race is inaccurate — there are many races going on at once.  There is a race to see who can make money providing tourists sub-orbital rides, a race to establish commercially-viable orbital stations, to set foot on the moon, to mine an asteroid, to send humans to Mars, to launch from Earth cheaper (SpaceX may just have won that race), to build a space elevator, et cetera et cetera.

Then, of course, there is still nation vs. nation competition.  The Soviet…er…Russians, Chinese, and Indians all have their eyes on the prestige a successful space program brings…as well as the copious military advantages.  All this while NASA slowly fades away (and that’s a good thing…and the subject of another post).

Bottom line:  Buckle yer seat belts and strap your harnesses tight — the only sure winner of all this competition is you and I.

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