Jan 31 2014

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California catching a clue

California passes bill to offer tax breaks to Space Industry. I could dedicate an entire blog to the insanity that is the California political and business regulatory environment, but then I’d go insane because I’d try to apply logic where logic doesn’t apply. Suffice to say that California had to offer tax breaks to Space companies to slow down the mass exodus to other states (Texas and Nevada come to mind).
I don’t think it will work in the long run for California, because companies will still find their operating costs higher here than elsewhere due to other regulations and tax burdens.
The side topic about Spaceport America in New Mexico is interesting, but about all I have to say about it is that I side with Spaceport America. You need to have the manning and infrastructure in place before launch, otherwise you won’t be able to execute a launch.

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  1. Donald Clopton

    Not enough is said about the mass amount of effort states like Texas are putting on courting these companies. Of course that would be a topic all on its own. When it comes down to it, California just can’t compete with states like Texas (or any “Right to Work” state for that matter).

  1. New Mexico SB 172 climaxes this week | Off to the Space Races

    […] on bill to limit tax revenue to Spaceport bond. I stand by my initial take here. The Spaceport needs preliminary ops paid for, and in my view this is no different than the people […]

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