Feb 01 2014

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Those who will not risk, cannot win

Rand Simberg on space casualties — I couldn’t have said it better myself. Key paragraphs:

Since 1967, the last week of January has been rough for NASA. Monday was the 47th anniversary of the death of three astronauts on the pad in the Apollo 1 fire. Tuesday was the 28th anniversary of the Challenger disaster, with the loss of a shuttle orbiter and seven crewmembers. Saturday will be the 11th anniversary of the loss of Columbia, when it broke up over Texas with all aboard.

While each of those tragedies was preventable with better management and the benefit of hindsight, they are also a useful reminder we are opening a harsh frontier. Loss of human life will be just as inevitable on the high frontier as it was on the old ones, when ancient man colonized Europe and Asia and, more recently, modern man developed the Americas and air travel.

Requiring space travel to be so safe that there is no risk involved isn’t prudence, it’s cowardice.

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