Feb 03 2014

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A weird way to justify Moon Exploration

Why not go to the moon (Part 1)? This article is worthwhile in that it details the history and politics of Lunar Exploration between the Apollo years and the funding of SLS.

However, the author makes the following observation:

For better or worse, the heavy lift launch vehicle in America’s future will be the SLS. There is, as yet, no funded mandate—that is, program—to send crews to a near Earth asteroid, and the cost of mounting a crewed mission to Mars would give the Congressional Budget Office fits.

First, I believe SpaceX will have something to say about that — heck, even the Falcon Heavy will have a larger lift capacity than SLS Block 1.

Second, the author (Anthony Young) makes the weird point that

It is clear, judging from the above-mentioned websites and documents, the current emphasis for scientific exploration is focused on the Sun, the Earth, and the planets, with seemingly cursory attention to the Moon. However, with the development of the SLS, the Moon may yet come back into favor.

So the reason NASA should go to the Moon is because they’re building the SLS, even though the Moon doesn’t seem to be part of NASA’s plan.

Is the SLS the chicken, or the egg?

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