Feb 04 2014

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Mixed feelings about the JWST

Report on the Bolden/Mikulski town hall meeting. The James Webb Space Telescope is exactly the kind of mission that should be pursued by NASA: Scientific discovery.

However, the JWST is exactly the proof that NASA big government is incapable of building big projects on-time and on-budget. It is years behind schedule, and depending on whom one asks, 2 to 8 times over budget. This isn’t specifically a NASA problem — it’s a symptom of an ossified, byzantine government acquisition process.

I read elsewhere that Mikulski told the town hall that she “saved the JWST from the tea party” because the project was impacted by sequestration cuts. Well, the fact of the matter is the we can’t afford our Federal Government, and cuts will either have to be made now or later.

JWST is, of course, a pork-barrel project for Mikulski’s district, so of course she fights for it. I’d probably do the same thing in her shoes. But understand that the Tea Party — specifically its demand that the Federal Government become smaller and live within a budget — is what is going to save this nation from itself.

(editor: you should start a political blog | response: yeah, I’ll get right on that)

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