Feb 05 2014

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Russian Premier Inks Asset Merger for New Space Corporation.

The new corporation will be 100 percent controlled by the government, he said.

Russia’s space sector has been plagued by complaints of inefficiency, lack of productivity and lack of oversight, following a string of rocket failures and satellite crashes over the last several years causing billions of rubles in losses.

Now, the country is set to radically centralize its space industry in a bid to streamline production and operation of spacecraft and cut down on the misuse of funds

‘Cause the Russian government is known for its efficiency, productivity, and as a good shepherd of the rubles given to it. I believe this means that Roscosmos is going to be dissolved and replaced with United Rocket and Space Corporation, so exactly how will things get better?

I’d say this will ultimately set Russian space back, but I have a good friend that works with the Ruskies, so I’ll ask him what his take is.

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