Feb 10 2014

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It’s quiet…almost too quiet…so Space Elevators!

Strangely, there is nothing this morning worth linking or commenting…it seems that everything being reported as “news” today is stuff to which I linked last week.

So on the plus side — readers here are getting breaking news first.

I’m working on a couple of interviews, but the operative word is “working”, so…let’s see what’s out there in Space Elevator land!

The International Space Elevator Consortium is a good place to start. They have a handful of engineering papers and spreadsheets to get one up to speed on elevator concepts and designs.

SpaceElevator.com seems to be pretty well connected, but only updates when it has something to report. Looks like that could be every few days or so, or every few weeks or so.

LiftPort is a non-profit which has put a lot of thought into Moon Elevators (more feasible in many ways over an Earth Elevator), as well as a PicoGravity Station at the Earth-Moon Lagrange Point. Lots of interesting resources here. Their Lunar Elevator page is here.

This article claims that Obayashi Corp. plans on building a space elevator by 2050, though Obayashi’s latest annual report has no information about space elevators.

LaserMotive won the 2009 NASA Space Elevator Power-Beaming Challenge Games by having their laser-powered robot climb a 900-meter-long cable suspended from a hovering helicopter in less than 7.5 minutes. Awesome with a capital “A”.

And here’s a link to the 2011 Strong Tether Challenge, which had no winners.

(Editor’s note: on other slow news days, you should also round up info on space solar power, space catapults, etc)

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