Jul 30 2014

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Cough…cough…so much dust…so many cobwebs

Well, I’m back. I blame my hiatus on my new job. After 15 years of working primarily from home (1 or 2 trips to the office a week, plus the somewhat frequent week-long trips out of town), I have a new job working at a customer site.

What a HUGE adjustment I have to make. Not that I’m complaining — my customer is super cool and the pay is nice — but when working from home, you’re task-oriented. You get jobs done by X date. You attend teleconferences at X time. As long as you get the job done and put in your 8 to 10 hours a day, nobody care when those hours actually occur. I’d spread my workday over the 18 or so hours I was awake, which allowed plenty of breaks for my own stuff, including this blog.

I’ve discovered that it’s not really the fact that I’m sitting at a desk for 8 hours that bothers me. It is the 2+ hours each day that I waste driving. I can get a lot of stuff done in 2 hours. So that’s like 1/9th of my day shot to hell.

Anyways, after a few months at my new job, I think I’ve settled into my schedule well enough to dust off the cobwebs here and get it up and running again. Also, even though the site has been dormant, I’ve thought about it a lot…so expect some tweaks in the next handful of weeks that will hopefully make this a better place to get your Space news.

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