Aug 13 2014

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Around these parts, we call it “HeThree”

Helion Energy uses He3 for magneto-inertial fusion process. They’re saying they will have a commercially viable fusion generator by 2020?!? Better add Helion Energy to my stock portfolio…

Here’s how it works…pretty ingenious if it does in fact produce positive energy:
Heleon Energy fusion generator concep

A gazillion extra bonus points plus a high five personally from me if you got the reference in the post title.

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  1. Darrell Rodgers

    Reminds me of a high-compression motorcycle – it’s gonna take on hell of kick to get it started. “heated until it becomes a plasma” means something has got generate some real heat first. And we haven’t even gotten to the magnets yet.

    1. dcmckay3

      True, and count me in the “I’ll believe it when I see it” category. Still, it is a different approach than most fusion reactors, and they are saying that they’ll be operational in 2020, so we’ll see. Obviously paradigm-changing if they can pull it off, so I’m rooting for them!

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