Aug 18 2014

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Hellas Planitia…Home to Hydra Incorporated

Two craters in the bottom of Hellas

These are two craters at the bottom of Hellas Planitia. Hellas is of particular interest to me because Hydra Incorporated is based there. If you’ve read Ships & Stones, you know that the Hydra Amphitheater is one of the main locations in the book. And that Hydra, Inc. is owned by one Alex Drash, a particularly disagreeable person of some pull in the book.

Ships & Stones book cover Ships & Stones is not really military Sci-Fi, even though some characters in the story think it is. It’s not really distopian Sci-Fi, though some other characters could swear that they’re living in one. It *is* hard Sci-Fi that is part adventure and part mystery, set about a hundred and twenty years in the future as merchant Captain Adriel Finlay and his ship Dreamer’s Way contend with society, and business, at a crossroad.

Oh and the article about the Hellas craters is here.

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