Aug 28 2014

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Russia is feeling the pinch of sanctions

Decommissioning the Rokot after 2016.”

In the “always check the source” category, we see that globalsecurity.org takes its Russian news straight from Pravda. Here are some hilarious, non-biased bits from the link:

As the Ukrainian crisis escalated, the West continued groundlessly accusing Moscow of meddling in Ukraine’s internal affairs. The United States introduced several new rounds of sanctions targeting Russia’s defense, energy and banking sectors, and persuaded its allies to add Russian individuals and entities to their own blacklists.

I’ll just contrast the above quote with this article from foxnews.com this morning: Ukraine rebel leader reportedly admits thousands of Russians fighting with separatists

Here’s another jewel:

“Currently we are seeking practical measures but I think it would be better to first count on our own technologies and produce what is really necessary and beneficial for our defense industry,” Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said in April.

I’ll just point out that the last time the Russians counted on their own technologies, they were looking up at our asses at the end of the Cold War. So I fully support their efforts to go it alone.

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