Oct 02 2014

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Pumpkin wins $2.75M RIF with SPAWAR

Pumpkin, Inc wins a two year, $2.75 mil DoD Rapid Innovation Funding contract on 30 September to develop and demonstrate a multi-mission 6 Unit CubeSat bus capable of supporting a wide variety of DoD space and intelligence missions in a contested enviornment, including but not limited to

  • Environmental Sensing
  • Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance
  • Satellite Communications
  • Missile Warning
  • Position, Navigation and Timing

I can’t tell you how much this thrills me! One, the contract is with SPAWAR PMW-146 which is my old MUOS shop. Two, that the US Navy is taking a hard look at a jack-of-all-trades CubeSat bus is somewhat of a pleasant surprise.

Off to do some digging…

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