Oct 03 2014

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Update from Spaceflight Services on Deep Space CubeSat ridesharing

In this post from 12 Sep, I wondered what mission will launch in FY16Q3 with which will have space and deltaV available to sent CubeSats out of orbit.

Here’s the reply from SpaceFlight Services:

For the Deep Space rideshare opportunity, We will be manifesting LEO customers on the Digital Globe WorldView-4 mission. The Centaur upper stage will then go into an Earth Escape trajectory, and we will have ample mass for rideshare customers to tag along. We do not yet have the final manifest (and mass), so we do not yet have the final C3 value.


A big “thanks” to SpaceFlight Services for the update. They actually got back to me the same day I emailed them, but their email got buried in my inbox. So double kudos to them!

To refresh your memory, here’s their deep space price matrix:
Spaceflight Services deep space rideshare prices

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