Oct 09 2014

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Notes from “Thinking Differently About Space Asset Logistics” webinar

I attended a very informative Webinar yesterday. Transcription of my chicken scratch follows:

The webinar was sponsored by FedEx. Calvin Hill, Program Manager for FedEx Space Solutions, gave a brief on FedEx’s capabilities to ship specialized space components and parts. They make custom packaging and can arrange for dedicated transport if necessary.

Dick David, CEO and Founder of NewSpace Global, gave a presentation titled “Small Sats: Building and Investing in a Billion Dollar Market.” The big take away was his 4 trends in the next 4 years:

  • Significant capitalization of companies who manufacture and/or operate small sats. He gave Skybox’s purchase by Google as an example.
  • Cameras in space. Everyone wants this kind of data.
  • Growing bottleneck of small payload launch. He saw this as a GREAT market opportunity.
  • Small Sat market will exceed $1B by the end of this year.


Next to speak was Tyman Clements, President and CEO of Space Tango, who gave a presentation on the evolution of small sats. He pointed out that one of the biggest appeals of small sats was that they can be deployed in constellations. This allows for a higher tolerance for failure from a single satellite, which also reduces the price of the individual satellite itself.


Finally, Dr. Benjamin Malphrus, Morehead State University Professor of Space Sciences, provided an overview of MSU’s space engineering curriculum and facilities. I have to say, I was quite impressed. This is their first semester of their offering of a Masters degree in Space Systems Engineering. Now if only they would offer it as an online course….

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