Oct 10 2014

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Good news for CCtCAP

NASA decides to continue work during protest, citing statutory authority.

This is very good news, as there will likely be little or no schedule slip in development. As I stated here, with the previous “stop work” order, Boeing was the real loser as far as schedule went. This would put Boeing back on track with SpaceX.

As far as my conclusion that AmericaSpace is in the tank for Sierra Nevada…well, you be the judge:

Although many people who show support for one company over another might call SNC a sore loser, the fact is that many involved in the space program—whether directly or not—are supporting SNC as having a legitimate case for the GAO to consider.

So yeah. For the record, I don’t consider SNC a sore loser. They really had nothing to lose by protesting the award, and with them being the middle bid, they at least had a shot at a legitimate protest. It has been my experience, though, that continuing work during a protest is an indication that NASA believes that SNC’s protest will be denied.

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