Oct 12 2014

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Can you see the matrix?

Man, there has been nothing worth posting upon this weekend. In fact there’s been barely any news to include in Other Newsy Stuff.

Then I come across news that evidence suggests that the Universe may be a computer simulation.

If we were living in a simulator, we’d expect to find evidence of that lattice if we looked close enough to the edges of the observable universe — and that’s what Silas Beane from the University of Bonn and colleagues have calculated, in a paper published in arXiv. As cosmic particles fly through the universe, they lose energy and change direction and spread out across a spectrum of energy values. There’s a known limit to how much energy those particles have, though, and Beane and his colleagues have calculated that this seemingly arbitrary cliff in the spectrum is consistent with the kind of boundary that you’d find if there was an underlying lattice governing the limits of a simulator. It should also, if present, scatter the particles in a certain way as they come up against it, and we should be able to investigate whether that’s the case.

The article goes on to add that this evidence may mean one of several things:

It could show us that there’s a boundary out there consistent with Beane et al’s hypothesis, and it works a bit like the one we’d expect if we were living inside a simulator based on the same principles as one we would also build. It could be, though, that we’re incorrectly interpreting evidence of certain fundamental laws we are as yet unfamiliar with. It could even be that this isn’t evidence at all for a simulator, as a real lattice might work in a different way to how we would envision it.

I vote for “incorrectly interpreting evidence”. Or that God designed the universe that way — maybe the evidence that we see is evidence of God’s creation.

So there was something worth posting today, and on a Sunday no less!

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