Oct 13 2014

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Fantastic summary of the UK space industry

Well worth the 20 page read.

It’s a .pdf file, so I can’t post the cool graphics here. Here are the highlights instead:

  • Space industry turnover in 2012/13 was found to have increased by 15% in real terms2 in the two years since 2010/11 (an annual average of 7.3%3), to £11.3 billion. Consolidated revenue grew slightly slower than overall space industry revenue, indicating that the space organisations are sourcing more and more inputs from other organisations within the industry. Though still well above the growth rate of the wider economy, space industry growth has slowed slightly, as compared to the 7.5% growth observed annually between 2008/09 and 2010/11.
  • Employment in the UK space industry has increased to 34,300 employees (an increase of 18.7% since 2010/11)
  • The UK remains the key market for the UK space industry, with 65% of turnover coming from domestic customers, but this share is falling. The composition of customer location is changing, with the corresponding share in 2010/11 being 78%. The value of UK sales has grown in real terms, so the decreased share is actually being driven by growth in export sales. Turnover generated from Asian customers has doubled since 2010/11, sales in Europe outside the UK have grown by 50% and sales to the Americas grew by 11%. Only sales to Africa and the Middle East have experienced a minor decrease (less than 1% since 2010/11).
  • The largest application in terms of revenue remains broadcasting, as has been the case for the last 5 issues of the study. Telecommunications has decreased in real value terms, but remains the second largest application. Navigation has increased by a factor of three since 2010/11 and now generates 8% of total turnover, while space transportation has increased even faster and represents around 5% of turnover, thus exceeding the turnover generated in Earth Observation. With a UK Spaceport planned for 2018, this growth is encouraging.
  • Barriers to growth were encountered by 70% of survey respondents in the last two years: Large organisations have experienced a lack of demand, while small organisations have difficulty accessing working capital and investment capital.

Good to see our Brit friends growing their space industry.

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