Oct 22 2014

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Notes from “Staying ahead of the Cellular Data Traffic Surge” webinar

I listened in on the webinar because it was mostly about the market need for satellite backhaul for 3G/4G data — something that pertains to my day job. However, that doesn’t mean that there weren’t interesting points to share for the general space enthusiast. The webinar was sponsored by Gilat Satellite Networks.

My notes:

Market Trends:

  • There was a 65% growth in mobile data traffic from Q1Y13 to Q1Y14., mostly driven by video
  • Expect 80+% of the market to be 4G by 2023
  • Smartphones will have 39% of the world-wide market by 2018
  • Global High Throughput Satellites (HTS) will increase by 500 Gps over the next two years
  • HTS will provide over 2 Terrbit per second service by 2023

Satellite backhaul is attractive to the mobile market because

  • It’s the only option for rural or remote areas
  • It’s the fastest way to meet demand
  • Is very reliable

Satellite backhaul reduces Total Ownership Cost by

  • Improving performance while matching terrestrial connectivity
  • Speed of deployment (Gilat was able to build 20 Brazilian ground stations in two months to meet demand)

3 regions of highest demand for satellite backhaul: Asia, Africa, and Central America

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