Oct 23 2014

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I agree with this analyst’s take on today’s launching of China’s Moon mission

Why all the secrecy, China?

His conclusion:

The lack of discussion hints at a sensitive agenda for the mission. Officially, this is a test of a capsule to be used in a future robot sample-return mission to the Moon. China has made no secret of its plans to fly two such missions within a decade. But the type of capsule used in this mission is suspicious. Why does it have to be a replica of China’s astronaut capsule?

This analyst feels that the mission is yet further evidence of plans for launching Chinese astronauts to the Moon in the future. The first astronauts to be launched there will probably fly a circumlunar trajectory, similar to this mission.

They will not land on the Moon and they will not even orbit the Moon. But they will go to the Moon and back. That’s something America hasn’t done in more than 40 years, and something Russia has never done at all. The propaganda value of such a mission would be enormous!

Let’s see how China deals with this increasingly enigmatic space mission. There’s more going on than a cursory glance would suggest!

Which I think is exactly right. China’s clearly planning for manned missions to the Moon, they just haven’t officially announced it, yet.

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