Oct 23 2014

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Yesterday’s Proton launch may have placed satellite in the wrong orbit (Updated)

Rut rho… Details are sketchy, but if true, that would be two failed launches in a row.

Update: Looks like the satellite has reached the correct orbit. The satellite is Express-AM6, a telecommunication satellite.

According to Gunter,

The Ekspress-AM 6 is a communications satellites for russian domestic communication services. The lifetime of the spacecraft has been increased to 15 years. While the spacecraft itself is built by russian RSCC (Kosmicheskiya Svyaz), the communication payloads are built by MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd. (MDA). It consists of 14 C-band, 44 Ku-band, 12 Ka-band and 2 L-band transponders.

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