Oct 25 2014

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Fantastic article on what makes SpaceX tick

Goes into the history and the culture of SpaceX.

Read it for yourself.

I’d like to respond to this:

But some observers fear SpaceX is becoming less nimble, losing the advantages it had over the big military-industrial contractors. Musk can no longer interview every employee now that the staff numbers in the thousands. Yes, standards remain high: Almost 400 workers were fired this summer after winding up at the bottom of a performance review, prompting a lawsuit. Nonetheless, towards the end of his time working with SpaceX, Horkachuck fretted that the company itself was starting to behave more and more like the traditional contractors it disdained. Meanwhile, Marty, NASA’s former in-house venture capitalist, fears that the agency is already losing its brief focus on disruption and commercialization to build another large bureaucracy around the commercial crew program.

Every company that goes from small to big suffers through this kind of transition, with the old-timers there worried that they’ll lose their edge as they get bigger. It’s a concern, of course, but having walked the production floor of SpaceX myself not too long ago, I really don’t see SpaceX ossifying.

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