Oct 27 2014

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Go Deke Slayton go!!

Orbital’s Cygnus will launch to the ISS today. You can watch the launch (scheduled for 3:45pm Pacific) here.

For Orbital’s fourth mission to the space station, which includes the 2013 full demonstration mission, the Cygnus spacecraft is carrying 5,050 pounds (2,290 kilograms) of supplies to the Space Station, including science experiments to expand the research capability of the Expedition 41 crew members aboard the orbiting laboratory, along with crew provisions, spare parts and experiment hardware. This mission will also feature Orbital’s first use of the upgraded Castor ® 30XL second stage motor, which enables greater lift capacity for this and future missions.

They named this Cygnus capsule after Deke Slayton, a Mercury astronaut who was an early proponent of commercial space travel.

Admin note: It’s going to be a busy couple of days work-wise, so blogging’s going to be sporadic at best. Things should be back to normal by Wednesday morning.

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