Oct 29 2014

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Transcript of Orbital Science’s investment call today

Here’s the full transcript.

Key takeaways:

  • Wow — it appears the launch complex avoided major damage. That there’s a full-blown miracle.
  • It’s unknown at this time what caused the accident.
  • They suspect that the next launch (Apr 15) will likely be moved to the right.
  • Insurance should cover launch losses and any ground system damages.
  • AJ-26 rocket engines have been squirrelly for quite some time, and indeed they’ve been looking at alternatives to it, though the AJ-26 may have had nothing to do with the accident. They were looking to change out the AJ-26 for another rocket in two years, and that schedule can be compressed some, but they’re not sure how much the schedule can be compressed.
  • There is likely no impact to the Orbital/ATK merger scheduled for later this year.
  • Orbital still intends to bid on the Cargo Resupply Services 2 contract.

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