Nov 04 2014

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NTSB not sure which pilot unlocked SpaceShipTwo’s feathering system

It was the pilot in the right seat, but it’s unclear who was sitting where.

The article reports the timeline of events:

10:07:19 — SS2 released from the WhiteKnightTwo mothership
10:07:21 — SS2 engine start
10:07:29 — Mach 0.94
10:07:31 — Mach 1.02.  In that 2 second period, telemetry shows lock/unlock lever moved to unlock position.  Soon after, feather system began to deploy.
10:07:34 — telemetry and video lost

Siebold remains in the hospital.

The NTSB has not interviewed the surviving pilot, Siebold. Hart said they were working with his medical team and family to determine when that should take place. Although Hart said definitively yesterday that it was the co-pilot (Alsbury) who moved the lever to the unlock position, he said today he was mistaken. All they know is that it was the person in the right seat. They cannot state for certain who was sitting there. (Ordinarily, that is where the co-pilot would sit.)

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