Nov 04 2014

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SpaceShipTwo crash leaves Spaceport America in limbo

Virgin Galactic is Spaceport America’s anchor tenant. They’re trying to draw tourists there to offset costs while they wait for either Virgin Galactic or SpaceX traffic. In the meantime, smaller customers like Up Aerospace have been using the facilities.

Per the article, also,

Whatever the outcome of the investigation is, it’s clear that Virgin Galactic won’t be flying out of Spaceport America for the foreseeable future. A second SpaceShipTwo is under construction, but at a media tour held at the company’s Mojave factor last month, company officials said it would not be ready to begin commercial flights until 2016—and that schedule is subject to whatever changes need to be made as a result of the accident investigation.

Both SpaceX and Virgin Galactic have invested in the infrastructure at Spaceport America. Hopefully the spaceport can hang on until a regular launch partner uses its facilities.

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