Nov 06 2014

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Throwback Thursday: Star Blazers

I’ve decided to start a new weekly series that’ll run until I get tired of doing it. I’ve wanted to put together a post on all the influential science and science fiction shows and books from my past that most influenced me. Since Throwback Thursday seems to be a standard meme on Facebook, I decided to commandeer it and make it full of awesomeness.

The first entry for Throwback Thursday simply *has* to be Star Blazers (or Space Battleship Yamato in Japan). This came out in Japan in 1974, and for some reason WDCA in Washington carried it in the late 70s, and for some reason WDCA’s signal reached all the way down to Charlottesville, where I grew up.

I can’t remember if I saw Star Blazers before or after Star Wars, but the fact that I can’t remember means that Star Blazers must have left a pretty strong impression on me.

I mean, check out the kick-ass theme song and visuals!

Spaceships, battles, save the Earth…I mean, it’s got everything a boy would need to capture his attention. I got goosebumps just watching it, even now.

It was anime WAY before anime was cool. It still has a strong cult following to this day — in fact, the Japanese made a live action film of it in 2010. In fact, you can watch it on youtube with English subtitles:

it’s not bad sci-fi. If you’re a fan, it’s pretty darn good.

Here’s the trailer:

Here are some fan sites:

I’ve got my own model of the Argo, the Star Blazers Technical Manual and Recognition Guide, and the only comic books I actually own are Star Blazer comic books.

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