Nov 14 2014

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Excellent summary of the Rosetta/Philae brief

Emily Lakdawalla knocks it out of the park! There is so much info in her short article that you really need to click over there yourself.

Here are a couple of points I thought very interesting:

  • They don’t know where Philae landed. They think it’s in the diamond area below, but one member of the team thinks it moved about 10 o’clock from the initial landing, not 3 o’clock.
    Philae landing location guess
  • The reason Philae tumbled on its first bounce is that once it first touched down, it automatically switched from its landing sequence to its initial science sequence, which included braking the internal flywheel, which of course caused the entire lander to spin since it wasn’t anchored to the ground.

But really, read the whole article. It’s fantastic.

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