Nov 14 2014

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Uh, yeah…good luck with that

ULA’s Tory Bruno Vows To Transform Company. I dunno…ULA is a Frankenstein formed from two gargantuan, bureaucratic legacy companies. If Mr. Bruno can transform ULA, it’ll likely take so long that he’ll have to transform it again.

Here were some things that made me go “hmmm”, though:

He intends to cut launch costs by 50%. No doubt, ULA is feeling real pressure from SpaceX. While ULA does have an impressive launch record, with each of SpaceX’s successful launches, that becomes less and less of a selling point. Anyways, it is difficult for me to see them reducing cost of launch by 50%, or anywhere within the same time zone of 50%.

Senator John McCain (R-AZ), expected to chair the Senate Armed Services Committee (SASC) in the next Congress, included language in the Senate version of the FY2015 National Defense Authorization Act (S. 2410, sec. 1623) prohibiting DOD from contracting for space launch services from companies using Russian suppliers. Asked about his reaction to the language, Bruno replied that, as originally drafted, the language would have been “very harmful” to ULA in ways “the drafters did not intend” and is being revised as part of negotiations over the final version of the bill.

Hmmmm…ULA is allowed input into a new law that directly impacts its industry…I’ve got two words to say to that: “Crony Capitalism”. Heaven forfend that a company with such close ties to Washington DC politics suffer from what’s best for national interest. This statement alone shows that most of the crooks in DC are more concerned about their lobbyists (and their deep pockets) than what’s best for the US of A.

John McCain, you are dead to me (though, to be honest, he’s been dead to me for a long time). You are an embarrassment to my alma mater, and you’re not 1/10th of the man that your father was. For shame!

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