Nov 17 2014

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Measuring cosmic radiation at 39,000 ft (Updated)

This is at least tangentially related to my post here which had a lot of detail on space radiation.

On 11 Nov, a scientist traveled across country on a commercial jet. He had a radiation sensor with him, and he recorded almost 30X the radiation exposure at 39,000 than at ground level. There were no solar storms or anything abnormal going on, and was WAY higher than one would have expected.

All that tells me is that I might as well fly into orbit instead of flying commercial judging by the radiation doses.

Besides, flying commercial sucks, as this documentary documents:

Who hasn’t sat beside someone who makes you want to commit hari-kari?

Here’s the plot of the data on his flight from the West Coast to Washington DC, and then a plot of his return trip. As you can see, just a little bit of additional atmosphere makes a big difference in the radiation received:

7,000 ft lower effectively doubled his shielding.

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