Nov 24 2014

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Mobile Satellite Services Market Report

Click here for MSS Market survey summary.

The biggest challenge for the MSS market is the increasing regulation and the heightened competition from the traditional mobile value chain, which makes it difficult for operators to offer traditional voice and data services.

he MSS market includes big players such as Ericsson, GlobalStar, Inmarsat, Iridoum Communications, ORBCOMM, EchoStar, Intelsat, SingTel, ViaSat, and Telstra. The competition from these big players further makes it difficult for small vendors to enter the MSS market.

This triggered a thought that I had driving while watching the sunrise to a tourney I umpired this weekend. We all learned (er…well, folks my age learned this. Having seen my four kids go through public schooling without learning hardly anything useful, I doubt you youngsters out there learned this. If I had to do it all over again, I would have homeschooled my kids…but anyways) that monopolies in the 1890’s/1900’s had risen to the detriment of consumers, who were forced to purchase bad products because of the resulting lack of competition.

My thought was this: those monopolies had risen because certain companies, which had already become successful, had the money to buy politicians so that the regulatory environment (such as there was — nothing like today, I’ll grant you) was more favorable to them. This gave them an advantage in the marketplace which allowed them to drive out or buy out competitors. Then, when monopolies became “too strong” — i.e. they became a political liability — government changed the rules to fix the problem that it had caused in the first place. But by “fixing” the problem, government became a bigger force in the marketplace, which in turn meant more companies lobbying the federal (and state) government, which caused different problems, which allowed more power to the government to fix those problems, etc, etc. All to the detriment of the small business’s or an individual’s entry into a particular market.

I don’t know how we fix this rickety pyramid now without tearing the whole thing down.

Anyways…more highlights from the summary of the Market report

  • The major factors driving the market are digital technology advancement, increasing demand, rising integration demands of satellite and terrestrial mobile technology, and increasing focus of data applications and services.
  • Improving spectrum efficiency will be a major technology development
  • The global MSS market to grow from $3.45 billion in 2014 to $5.62 billion in 2019. North America is expected to be the largest market in terms of market size, while Europe and Asia-Pacific are expected to experience an increase in market traction during the forecast period.

For $4000, you can get the actual report here.


And yes, I’m back. Between the zero sleep I got last week because of a big project at work and umpiring this weekend, I was in no place mentally to blog. Fortunately, the project is complete, the tourney went about as smooth as possible for me, and I actually got caught up with sleep. Sometimes sleep becomes more important than blogging.

Anyway, off to do more posting…

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