Nov 25 2014

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Mmmmmm…Espresso in Space……

Microgravity is a real challenge to a proper expresso. The article goes into a lot of detail as to why, but the most interesting things from the article for me were:

  • They’re delivering an espresso machine to the ISS next year.
  • The ISS doesn’t have an espresso machine.
  • They plan to 3D print the espresso cup onboard the ISS.

Basically, instead of using gravity to allow the espresso oil to surface to the top of the drink, they use surface tension.

ISS espresso cup

I’m not a big drinker of coffee (difficult to believe given my Navy background, I know), but I’ve been a much bigger fan of coffee since the wife and I took a trip to Italy with her parents a handful of years ago. My father-in-law and I would walk to the nearest breakfast shop and sip expresso every morning. It was a very pleasant way to start the day.

Hmmmmmmm…I wonder if the reason the ISS is finally getting an expresso machine is because they have an Italian astronaut onboard now?

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