Nov 25 2014

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More details on SpaceX’s Autonomous Spaceport Drone Ship

Very, VERY interesting plans for its future…

When it was first reported that SpaceX was developing a ocean-based landing pad, I thought that it made sense from a safety perspective — you probably didn’t want to touchdown a re-entry rocket at your launch facilities until you were absolutely sure you could do it without damaging things. I always had the feeling, though, that there was more to the story.

Well, there was. Highlights from the link:

    • The ship is 300′ long by 170′ wide and equipped with four thrusters for stationkeeping via GPS.
    • The footprint of the Falcon 9 landing legs is 60′ across.
    • Eventually, the Spaceport Drone Ship will allow for refueling and rocket fly-back. This opens up a much broader range of rocket re-entry options, including requiring less fuel on-board after payload delivery for safe return to Earth’s surface.


Very, VERY interesting, as I said.

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