Dec 07 2014

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The US is not ready for another Pearl Harbor

And by Pearl Harbor, I specifically mean an EMP burst over the continental US.

Such an attack could occur with only minutes notice, and you may not even be aware of what’s happening until your house goes dark, or you and every car with you on the road dies. As Bill Whittle points out in his video essay, this wouldn’t just be an inconvenience, but a mass casualty event with hundreds of millions of Americans sucummbing to thirst, hunger or disease before the lights turn out. Our infrastructure MUST be hardened, and now, to counter an EMP attack.

China’s economy becoming larger than ours (FoxNews article) this week is terrifying news. The argument I’ve always heard is, “The Chinese wouldn’t attack the US — their economy is too dependent on ours.” Well, not so much anymore.

Seriously, contact your Congress critter and get them to fund hardening of our electrical grid.

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