Dec 09 2014

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Wallops Island will be operational by the end of 2015

Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport avoids major damage in Antares rocket explosion. I’m still amazed by that headline.

2014-12-09 00_53_27-VIRGINIA COMMERCIAL SPACE FLIGHT AUTHORITY SPACEPORT FACILITY RECOVERY AND RETURWhile impacted pad and complex infrastructure will be repaired or replaced, the bulk of the work appears to be based on the environmental impact of the failure, with the main crater of the failed rocket located close to the shoreline next to the pad.

“NASA, Orbital, and MARS continue successful execution of an environmental remediation plan, including pumping water from the impact crater and sampling. Initial surface water samples indicate no impact to back bays and tributaries,” added Virginia Space’s statement.

“The environmental team conducted soil sampling in the impact crater and in the area surrounding the launch pad.

“Test results showed the contamination was contained in the area immediately around the crater. This area will require 6” of soil removal for remediation.”

MARS will be operational in time for a static test firing of a new Antares rocket. Orbital Sciences plans to resume resupply flights to the ISS by early 2016.

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