Dec 10 2014

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Republicans are idiots, but NASA benefits

NASA gets more than they asked for in FY2015.

There has not been a appropriations bill passed in over 5 years thanks to Harry Reid. Now that the Democrats are about to lose the majority in the Senate, they suddenly become interested in passing a budget so that they can lock in place for FY2015 their boondoggles. Now in a fight or a battle, if you *know* the enemy wants something (and yes, Democrats have been the enemy since about 2003, and certainly since 2008), you use that information to your advantage. You either deny them what they want, or you make them pay the highest price possible to achieve what they want. Republicans did neither. They are only guaranteed the majority in the House and Senate for the next two years, and gave away one of those years government-spending-wise to the Democrats. W-T-F?

I despair.

Anyways, one of the winners of the 2015 appropriations bill (besides Democrats, of course) was NASA:

Nasa gets

…$18.010 billion, a $549 million increase over the request of $17.461 billion.  Despite the significant increase, some programs were cut, including:.

  • Space Technology, which gets $596 million instead of $706 million.
  • commercial crew, which will receive $805 million instead of $848 million.  Senate language that would have required adherence to certain regulations regarding cost and pricing data is not included, but the compromise requires technical and financial quarterly reports to Congress for each awardee.
  • Space Operations (including the International Space Station), which gets $3.828 billion instead of $3.905 billion

But many others get increases.  Among the big winners are —

  • planetary science, receiving $1.438 billion instead of $1.280 billion, including not less than $100 million for a Europa mission
  • astrophysics, $684 million instead of $607 million, including $70 million for SOFIA
  • aeronautics, $651 million instead of $551 million
  • Orion, $1.194 billion instead of $1.053 billion
  • SLS, $1.700 billion instead of $1.380 billion

Orion and SLS should not gotten plus-ups, but I’m glad NASA got additional funding for planetary science, astrophysics and aeronautics.

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