Dec 10 2014

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The enemy of my enemy is my friend

Orbital Sciences teams with ULA for ISS Resupply. ULA will take over launch of Cygnus until the Antares rocket is back in service. Very interesting…for a couple of reasons:

  • In most government contracting situations, adding a new subcontractor after contract award almost takes an act of God. It would have been much easier for NASA to de-obligate a little money from Orbital Sciences and assign it to SpaceX. That ULA was able to get involve smacks of behind-the-scenes wheeling and dealing. (I wonder what NASA got out of the deal?)
  • It’s pretty well established that SpaceX beats ULA from a cost perspective. NASA cries all the time about how tight its budget is, yet allows Orbital Sciences to go with the more expensive provider. (Again I ask, what did NASA get out of the deal?)

Curiouser and curiouser…

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