Dec 11 2014

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China launches triplet of military satellites

Long March 4C lofts Yaogan Weixing-25 mission.

Chinese media reports “a new remote sensing bird that will be used for scientific experiments, land survey, crop yield assessment, and disaster monitoring.”

Yeah right. More likely:

In particular this mission is similar to the Yaogan-9, Yaogan-16, Yaogan-17 and Yaogan-20, with three satellites flying in formation like a type of NOSS system, considered as the Jianbing-8 military series.

IDesigned for locating and tracking foreign warships the satellites will collect the optical and radio electronic signatures of the maritime vessels that will be used in conjunction with other information valuable for the Chinese maritime forces.

These satellites will come in handy when the Chinese are defending the South China Sea after they’ve invaded Taiwan.

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