Dec 11 2014

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Orbital Sciences announces “go-forward” plan

Key is the development of their new rocket, which will be able to launch 20% more cargo than before.

Plan highlights:

  • Use ULA’s Atlas V for at least one launch (maybe two) while developing the new Antares rocket
  • Deliver the new propulsion system to Wallops Island in mid-2015 for testing
  • Recertify the Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport (MARS) before the end of the next calendar year

In conclusion:

The flexibility of Orbital’s Cygnus cargo spacecraft to accommodate heavier cargo loads, together with the greater lift capacity of the Atlas V and upgraded Antares vehicles, will allow the company to complete all currently contracted ISS deliveries in four missions instead of the five previously planned flights over the next two years.

In addition, the company’s revised approach is not expected to create any material adverse financial impacts in 2015 or future years as Orbital carries out the CRS cargo delivery and Antares propulsion upgrade programs.

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