Dec 11 2014

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TBT: Battlestar Galactica

Not the 2004 version (though that was pretty good, at least the first half of the first season, which is all I’ve seen so far), but the original 1978 TV series.

Coming on the heels of Star Wars, this series was very influential to me. The idea of an itinerant refugee fleet on the run from a robot race seemed too good to be true, and made me begin to think about the logistics and such that would go into supporting a fleet in space. It is a shame that it only lasted one season, and reading up on the Wikipedia entry it seems that ABC didn’t back the series fully. I also wasn’t aware of the lawsuits and counter lawsuits between Universal Studios and 20th Century Fox, which no doubt contributed to its cancellation.

The show had a lot going for it — good story lines and decent characters. However, why I liked it so much was that it was the only place (in a house without a VCR) where one could catch a decent space battle:

Er…after watching that clip, I have to agree that it *does* look a little too much like Star Wars. Anyway, it sure beat out the next Larson sci-fi show: Buck Rogers of the 25th century (and no, there won’t be a TBT post devoted to that train wreck).

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