Dec 12 2014

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One day, trinkets…POW…right to the Moon!

Astrobiotics unveils MoonMail service. If you’re looking to send something on board the first commercial landing on the Moon, here’s your chance, starting at $460.

Each MoonMail™ participant will receive a MoonMail™ Kit that will consist of prepaid postage to mail their item to Astrobotic, along with a map of the Moon Landing Site, a photo of the Moon Pod on the Moon, and a certificate of authenticity recognizing them as a Space Pioneer on the first commercial landing to the Moon. The collected mementos will be placed inside the Moon Pod that will be attached to Astrobotic’s lunar lander, which will remain on the Moon for future generations.

A bit pricey for me, but perhaps not for you.

Admin note: looks like a slow news day…I’m almost done with my news search and this is the first new post of the day. I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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