Dec 17 2014

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Lunar XPrize extends deadline

They’re seeing enough progress to extend the deadline, and not let the contest expire.

“Over the past year, the judging panel has been consistently impressed with the progress seen from the five teams selected to contend for the Milestone Prizes,” said David Swanson, chairman, Google Lunar XPRIZE judging panel. “It goes without saying that space exploration comes with a myriad of challenges, yet the enthusiasm and teamwork exhibited by these competitors has been second to none, exceeded only by their adept technical expertise. As part of this process, we are pleased to recognize Astrobotic for their achievements in the Mobility and Imaging categories and look forward to awarding additional Milestone Prizes in the coming weeks.”

I think this is the right move…it’s not like the development teams have been sitting around eating bonbons. There is every reason to believe that a winning team could get to the Moon before the end of 2016.

Astrobiotics has reached intermediate milestones worth $750K, so congrats to them!

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