Dec 23 2014

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Lunar Mission One raises over $1 mil via crowdsourcing

for its mission to drill a core sample on the Moon. The mission itself is interesting to me — not only is it unique from a scientific standpoint, but there are some serious technical issues that need to be overcome for this mission to be a success.

However, the biggest news here is that an esoteric Lunar mission generated enough interest from the public to have it hand over $1 million of its hard-earned money. I think this demonstrates a real thirst for space exploration.

Since the probe will be removing a borehole of rock sample, it needs to refill the hole with something. That something is a digital time capsule that will contain a record of the history of life on Earth. Anyone who pledged more than 60 pounds ($94) will get their own “digital memory box” that will be buried in the time capsule. Contributors can fill their box with personal messages, photos, audio or video. People can even send a strand of their hair if they want their DNA on the moon.

People are so desperate to get to space that they’re willing to send a small piece of themselves like a strand of hair, just to look into the night sky and say, “Someday, I’ll get there as well.”

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