Dec 23 2014

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NASA selects 4 companies for commercial space technology development

These 4 companies get unfunded Space Act Agreements:

  • ATK Space Systems (Beltsville, MD)
  • Final Frontier Design (Brooklyn, New York)
  • SpaceX (Hawthorne, CA)
  • ULA (Centennial, CO)

The Space Act Agreements (SAAs) have no exchange of funds, and each party bears the cost of its participation. NASA’s contributions could include technical expertise, assessments, lessons learned, technologies and data. Sharing this existing expertise in a structured way requires minimal government resources while fostering the development of technologies to enable NASA to achieve its strategic goal to expand human exploration of the solar system and to advance exploration, science, innovation, benefits to humanity, and international collaboration.

Love the SAA approach!

BTW, Disneyland was great, even though I shared it with about 500,000 of my closest friends. Got home super late (or, at 1am, super early in the morning) and feel like I’m moving through mud this morning.

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