Dec 24 2014

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Yowza — looks like we just missed a CME event

I saw via SpaceWeather.com that an X-class eruption occured back on the 20th. The X-rays were directed right at Earth and it disrupted HF comms for hours in the southern hemisphere. The resulting CME, though, was directed much further south and if it hit Earth, it would only be a slight glancing blow.

According to SpaceWeather:

GROUND CURRENTS IN NORWAY: A CME sideswiped Earth’s magnetic field during the early hours of Dec. 23rd. The glancing impact did not spark bright auroras, but it did induce electrical currents in the soils of Norway. “I detected a fantastic CME shock wave on my instruments,” reports Rob Stammes of the Polarlightcenter in Lofoten.

Yikes! If that’s what an X-class CME can do by barely hitting us, just imagine what it would do to us if it hit. “Incoming X-class CME!!!!” might be the last post you read, as everything might get fried when it hit.

I’ll be paying much closer attention to X-class events in the future.

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