Dec 29 2014

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CCtCAP status going into 2015

AmericaSpace.com has a pretty good interview article with Phil McAlister, NASA’s CCtCAP program manager.


  • There will be a long-term services contract for ISS resupply after CCtCAP. That’s one of the reasons that CCtCAP’s service flights vary from 2 to 6 — they may award the long-term contract before the end of CCtCAP and cut CCtCAP short.
  • Boeing and SpaceX proposed different milestone schedules, which included the 5 pre-certification millstones and 5 post-certification milestones mandated by NASA.
  • SpaceX still has 2 milestones (both are abort tests) from the CCiCAP that need to be closed out. The pad abort test will be conducted in January 2015 at Kennedy and the flight abort test will be conducted in March 2015 from Vandenberg. NASA doesn’t see this as an impact for SpaceX’s completion of CCtCAP.
  • NASA has to wait until after th SNC protest is resolved before they can publish Boeing’s and SpaceX’s CCtCAP milestone schedules.

Which reminds me…I need to start checking the GAO website for their CCtCAP protest report. 100 days from 26 September is actual 4 January, which is Sunday. The report may come out later this week (like Friday the 2nd?)

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