Dec 30 2014

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Let’s party like it’s….2009?

Human Exploration Transfer Stage (HETS) was first proposed in 2009. I’m not exactly sure why the staff writers at SpaceDaily.com chose to dredge up this idea, but since I have to blog about something today, I’ll bite.

In principle, using the ISS as a manufacture and test facility for human-crewed, deep-space missions makes perfect sense…if one ignores the hundreds of millions or billions of dollars, and many years, it would take to modify the ISS to support this major upgrade. The money ain’t there, so it ain’t going to happen.

That said, someone (Bigelow, SpaceX?) will take the concept and run with it. If tourists pay millions of dollars to ride in the ISS for a month or two, wouldn’t they spend the same amount for, say, a few weeks in orbit around Earth and then a couple weeks trip around the Moon and back? I’d bet there is a market there…

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