Dec 30 2014

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Russia to Debate US Discrimination of Glonass System in UN: Reports. Boy, an article that combines Russian whining with the supposed effectiveness (ed.note: don’t forget impartiality!!) of the UN! It’s like Christmas all over again for me.

Here’s an idea for my Russian comrades: come up with an idea better than a not-quite-as-good knock off of an American idea! GLONASS will never be able to compete with GPS, and so the Russians are crying to the UN to try to level the playing field. Good luck with that.

Here’s all I heard when I read this article:

Note that the baby on the right’s blanket is UN powdered blue, which is appropriate because the UN will be crying right along with Russian when the US tells both they can kiss our glonASS and we’ll go right on licensing GPS, thank you very much.

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