Dec 31 2014

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Several astronaut firsts and records to be set in 2015

Mostly longevity-type records.

To wit:

  • First time an American will be sent to orbit for over 300 days (and the 4th time so for a Russian
  • Scott Kelly will become the most experienced US astronaut of all time on October 4th.
  • On 28 October, Scott Kelly will also break the US record for longest continuous mission, 218 days.
  • Gennadi Padalka will become the most experienced astronaut (er…cosmonaut) of all time in mid-September with 878 days in orbit
  • When Samantha Cristoforetti returns to Earth on 16 May, she will be the most experienced non-American, non-Russian, woman astronaut ever, with 169 days in orbit.
  • For only the second time ever, the ISS will carry 9 people in September.
  • Andreas Mogensen will become Denmark’s first astronaut in September.

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